Tall, dark, and roughly handsome. This man who looks to be somewhere in his mid to late 30's stands at about 6'1", and seems to possess a trim physique of someone who keeps himself fastidiously fit- with naturally broad shoulders combined with a narrow, flexible waist and long, tightly corded limbs. A bit on the wiry side, like a track runner or other kind of harefooted athlete, but not at the cost of tightly sinewed brawn. Together with all this, he possesses a naturally olive skintone that makes for a bit of a swarthy appearance, further showcased by thick, unruly black hair of medium length. Below which his features are sharp and rakishly elegant, with a square jaw, impossibly high cheekbones, and an almost elegant, straight nose. While below a pair of bushy eyebrows, his eyes somewhat contrast with his otherwise dusky appearance. Colored a slightly pale, bright green and holding a perpetual look of calculating mischief and charm- matched by the easy smile that tends to play around his somewhat full lips. Overall possessing the natural good looks of some sweet talking charmer, though not without its share of tarnish... A few scars visibly standing out, crisscrossing his face. Atleast one of them looking like it was made by a straight razor or the like, having cut a thin, jagged line a slightly paler than the rest of his skin right across the bridge of his nose and down the left cheek. Though instead of detracting, it might actually add to the rogueish quality that seems to be an essential part of him.

He certainly dresses the part as well, forgoing the fancy suits and Fedora combo which seems so popular today: Instead sporting a dapper looking black felt Derby, aka Bowler hat set atop his wild black hair at a rakish angle, which oddly matches together with the rest of his casual, slapdash ensemble. Which consists out of a slightly crumpled looking white dress shirt seemingly buttoned up only about 3/4ths of the way, and with the sleeves rolled up till above the elbows. While going together with a pair of somewhat loose brown slacks which are held up by a pair of green suspenders slung up across each shoulder, and with the bottom hems of those trousers rolled up above a pair of scuffed looking brown leather work boots. While on certain days, the whole outfit is finished off by an old khaki trench coat which seems to have sprung right from the Great War, usually hanging casually open... Giving easy access to the leather shoulder rig worn on numerous occasions as well, and the handguns holstered below both armpits or the sawed off hanging off a strap.

Fitz's Character Sheet