l Rules and Guidelines: (more to be added if needed)
  • Don't harass other players. Don't be rude or lewd or annoying to anyone who doesn't appreciate it, and don't continue doing so after you've been warned off.
  • Conduct TinySex/Cyber plots within private rooms, and generally just keep it to yourself. Nobody wants to hear about it.
  • We'd prefer players don't go for eachother's throats too often on-grid. But if you have to engage someone else, please don't powerplay. In RP, you will not always get your way. You won't dodge every bullet, every hit. You won't miraculously hit everyone every time. RP is all about give and take. You win some, you lose some. Don't try to win all the time. You can not determine where your character hits or effects another character. That is up to that character's player to decide. That said, any character that willingly jumps into a violent situation is essentially giving their consent to possibly end up injured or killed. *Rule might be changed to say players can only fight on-grid with staff presence.
  • This game features adult themes of violent and sexual natures, which might be reflected in OOC conversations such as the use of curse words(within reason). If you can't handle it, this might not be the place for you.
  • Keep OOC and IC seperate. Don't take your OOC dislike of someone out on them ICly, or vice versa, and don't use knowledge found out OOCly in RP.
  • No Multi-Playing. We don't mind if you have several characters on at once, but don't have them interact ICly in any direct manner, or have them benefit off eachother, unless given staff permission.
  • Please report any bugs you find.
  • Don't be rude to staff, and always try to cooperate with them when needed, and follow their instructions.
  • Don't spam, like posting a link over and over.
  • If you have a complaint about another player, please contact the nearest staff member. If you have a complaint about a staff member, please contact Viktor.

Staff Rules:

  • Try to be nice and helpful to players, and don't harass them. If for any reason, you have to chew out a player or dish out punishment, make a report of it.
  • Don't snoop or spy on players.
  • Don't use your staff powers or knowledge for benefiting other characters(your own alts included).
  • The players is what we're here for, and it's our job to ensure they have fun.