With the collapse of the United States, also came the collapse of the various systems of ground-based long distance travel, such as trains and automobiles. Each nation state zealously protecting their borders, and in some cases going so far as to directly sabotage any railway that crossed into their territory. Due to this, air travel soon became the prevailing mode of long-distance transport. Which in turn spurred the development of high-tech airplanes, and equally saw the rise of bands of air-based smugglers, mercenaries, and even pirates (the different states going so far as to hire bands of privateers to harass their rivals)

The Atlantic Union is no stranger to this phenomenon. And within the city of New Haven, the premier outfit of this type would certainly be the Mile High Club. A loose confederacy of semi-independent air-specialists which will take any odd job having to do with piloting, from private warfare to piracy to the smuggling of goods from other states into the city. The group operating out of a converted hangar next to their own private airfield in the woods just outside the city.

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