At 5' 7" and slight of build, Rashmi seems a largely unremarkable woman. Her posture is slightly hunched at the shoulders, the stance of one used to carrying a book or three wherever she goes, her step is quiet and unobtrusive, her limbs are skinny, and her voice, most of the time, is gentle and warm. All of these things suggest this young Hindi woman to be naught but a wisp of a bookworm, an image shored up by the simple, round wire-framed spectacles that sit on her nose, which tends to startle people when she abandons gentleness to rally for a righteous cause.

Her dark-skinned face is heart shaped, with large, serious eyes framing a thin nose with a small copper stud set in one nostril. Her mouth is slightly wide, her lips a bit darker than her skin, but the most noticeable feature of this girl is her hair. Cropped short and wavy, her hair is bright, coppery red, almost the shade of an Irish 'ginger,' and often accompanied by a simple, wide black headband.

Her dress does much better to mark her as one of the new independent-minded type of woman of the age, her typical outfit consisting of a knee-length crimson flapper dress, accented with a wide black sash, and matching calf-high galoshes. Slung over one shoulder is a large, beaded black bag, large enough to carry a good couple of textbooks.

Rashmi's Character Sheet